“The Year of Wonders” (new essay by Alex)

“It was midday on a Monday in early August of the year 2000 and the bidding on my first novel had reached six figures, then paused for people to track down more cash. I was 32. I’d never made over $12,000 in a year.”  http://www.themillions.com/2011/07/the-year-of-wonders.html

Luminarium – advance review

“Virtual and “real” reality intertwine in unpredictable ways in this ingenious novel; to his credit, Shakar’s approach is more philosophical than sci-fi . . . Shakar succeeds in a delicate balancing act here, securing the novel simultaneously (and paradoxically) in real, virtual, and supernatural worlds.”

–Kirkus Book Reviews

Luminarium – advance review

“In his long-awaited novel after the razor-sharp The Savage Girl (2001), Shakar takes measure of our post-9/11 existential confusion in a technology-avid but science-phobic ‘ever-complexifying world.’ A radiantly imaginative social critic, Shakar is also a knowledgeable and intrepid explorer of metaphysical and neurological mysteries. With beguiling characters trapped in ludicrous and revelatory predicaments, this is a cosmic, incisively funny kaleidoscopic tale of loss, chaos, and yearning.”

–Booklist (starred)

Luminarium – advance review

“[O]riginal and intrepid . . . Shakar’s prose is sharp and hilarious, engendering the reader’s faith in the novel’s philosophical ambitions. Part Philip K. Dick, part Jonathan Franzen, this radiant work leads you from the unreal to the real so convincingly that you begin to let go of the distinction.”

–Publishers Weekly (starred)


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